Best Workplace for a Freelancer: 8 Tips

Nowadays, freelance (remote work on freelance website) is becoming more and more popular. In the “home office” it is necessary to provide a comfortable environment for fruitful work. Nothing should distract, no one should interfere. Here you set your rules and framework. This article lists helpful tips for comfort.

1. You must select the brightest room.

The room should be spacious and have 1 large window. The picturesque view from the window will positively affect your psyche. It can even inspire you to work, as in a fit, sometimes, I want to look at a picture pleasing to the eye. Naturally, it is more pleasant to look at the trees, the sky and the sun, rather than the garbage cans and the shabby walls.

2. It is necessary to regularly air the room.

Stuffiness negatively affects your body in the first place. Everyone knows that working in a stuffy room is very difficult and unpleasant. Stuffy is the result of fatigue and irritability. It is never forgotten to enrich your workplace with oxygen. You can install air conditioning or a fan in the room.

3. Put more green plants in your office.

Plants are the main source of oxygen. In addition, the green color calms and tunes to positive, and these two nuances are fundamental to make your work successful.

4. Do not think to paint the walls in dark colors.

Dark tones visually reduce the room, and this adversely affects your condition and mood. Pastel colors are best. They are very warm, and will subconsciously affect you, creating a feeling of cheerfulness.

5. Choose the interior to your liking.

Do not overdo it with the details, as you need to know the measure. Otherwise, many things will distract you. If the room is not large, then it is not necessary to make furniture, it will be enough to divide the office into a working area and a recreation area.

6. The workplace (table) should be neat, tidy and clean.

It is impossible to clutter up the table. Put a maximum photo of your family, or just a beautiful picture. Extra things will just annoy you and interfere with your work.

7. Always keep clean.

Dust is a source of mental and physiological diseases (and this is true!). Allocate several minutes every day for cleaning. Put all things in their places so that you do not have to look for a particular thing for a long time. Spend time wisely, because health is the most expensive!

8. Silence helps you focus.

Try to make the room soundproofed. Well, if you don’t have the opportunity, then use headphones.

I hope you find these tips useful! Have a good work!