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It was a Monday morning when I found myself out of gas on the side of the road at 7am. My work starts at 8, so I knew I didn’t have enough time to walk the mile from my car to where I worked. So, I did what any other hard working person would do: applied for a loan online.

Three years ago after my husband lost his job it took us five months to find one that paid well enough to support our family of four. And in those five months we burned through every last bit of savings we had built up over the past decade. So when we finally started to get back on our feet and I got my first paycheck in over a year, that was the very first thing I did: take care of all the bills we had accumulated while we were broke.

First on my list was the car loan we took out right before he lost his job. We only owed $1500 and it wasn’t due yet (gotta love how car dealerships will give you an interest rate 0f 36% because they think you’re desperate!) so I knew that even with paying off our other bills it’d still be able to cover about half of the gas money at least. If everything went according to plan then next payday I could pay the rest and avoid taking another loan.

I logged on to the site, printed out the form and filled it in: name, address, phone number, social security number…the usual stuff. I had already typed in my account and routing numbers (so they could automatically deduct my payment from my account) but then I caught a glimpse of their interest rate: 391%. How did our credit get so bad?

This was no surprise to me; we make pretty decent money yet we still can’t seem to get ahead. And since were constantly behind on bills one unexpected expense like this is enough to send us spiraling back down into debt again. So I figured if we’re going to do this then might as well go all out and get an amount that’ll cover everything we owe and a little more for good measure.

I had no idea how much I was allowed to borrow so I decided to just put $1000, which would still leave me some room if any of the amounts on the bills were off. And with that I hit submit and waited while it processed. A couple minutes later my loan was approved and I got an email saying that my account had been credited with the money.

But there was one problem: when I went back into my bank account online it said that they didn’t take any money! So after calling customer service (which sucked because they kept putting me on hold) they told me that their system must have frozen up and not sent out any transactions which means I wouldn’t get the money until it got sent out.

But I guess since they left me hanging for an extra day waiting for the transaction to go through that they must have felt bad because when I checked again the next day my account had been credited with $900 loan! That’s almost enough to cover everything! And for some reason instead of taking all the money back out like they’re supposed to tomorrow it only took out half, so now if this payday goes as planned not only will I be able to take care of all my bills but I’ll actually be able to keep a little bit extra.

Feel free to share your personal stories about how bad credit has hurt you in the past below. Thanks!